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Strengthening families

Publication structure:
  • Stala, Józef, Strengthening families
    • Introduction
    • Butrymowicz, Magdalena, What a family really is? The question about the legal definition of a family. The UK case study example
    • Butrymowicz, Magdalena, Survival rights in the Conventionon the Rights of the Child
    • Zwoliński, Andrzej (1957- ), The Christian call for building unity
    • Stolarczyk, Ireneusz (1963- ), The endangered unity of the familyin the context of contemporary social changes
    • Briliute, Birute, Global over population and Catholic family ecology. An investigation into Pope Francis’ call for a human ecology, change of culture and how it is linked to the Catholic teaching on family, sex and abortion: cross‑examination of Laudato Si’and Amoris Laetitia
    • Obelenienė, Birute, Human dignity as a universal moral dimension of the preparation of youth for marriage and family life
    • Stala, Józef (1966- ), Discovery, acceptance and realization of Christian love as the foundation for engaged couples’ formation
    • Pate, Tanja, Family hardiness, anxiety, and subjective well‑beingin families with and without a chronic illness
    • Repič Slavič, Tanja, Sexual abuse in childhood and the unconscious repetition of painin couple relationships
    • Olearczyk, Teresa, A person – a creature that listens and is listened to. The anthropologica laspect of quiet and silence
    • Gerjolj, Stanko (1955- ), Joseph of Egypt: from a conflict maker to a conflict manager in the family
    • Büttner, Gerhard, Family communication and imagesof God in children’s literature
    • Delicata, Nadia, The family and the dominant technocratic paradigm:challenges in the digital culture
    • Prijatelj, Erika, iPhone family v. traditional family. The impact of technology on personal growth and interaction within the family
    • Kieran, Patricia, A revolution in family life: the challenge for faith formation and family ministry in Ireland
    • Sypień, Bogusław, The family communio personarumin the context of human subjectivity
    • Osewska, Elżbieta, Value education in the Polish family
    • Šoltésová, Viktória, Education, religious education and religiosity of Roma children in Slovakia