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World Youth Days : a testimony to the hope of young people

Publication structure:
  • Stala, Józef (1966- ). Red., World Youth Days : a testimony to the hope of young people
    • Stala, Józef (1966- ), Introduction
    • Dziwisz, Stanisław (1939- ), The “genesis”of World Youth Day
    • Ryłko, Stanisław, The World Youth Day generation
    • Migliore, Celestino, World Youth Day 2016 in Kraków – pilgrimage and mercy
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    • Muolo, Mimmo, Elements of continuity and progressiv einnovations in the history of World Youth Day
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    • Narewska, Dorota, Office and charism in the mediasphere,two narrations on the 6th World Youth Day (Częstochowa) : A case study
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