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Faces of women : in search of positive prospects

Publication structure:
  • Gerjolj, Stanko (1955- ). Red., Faces of women : in search of positive prospects
    • Gerjolj, Stanko (1955- ), Love changes faces : biblical and psychological view
    • Godawa, Marcin (1973- ), A woman leading to God : the mystery of divine and human joy : shown and explained by Julian of Norwich
    • Žalec, Bojan (1966- ), Solidary personalism, (T)transcendence and God in Irigary's thought
    • Urban, Marek (1964- ), Between religious intuition and worldly experience : Simone Weil and Edith Stein in search of the truth about man
    • Sabadin, Katja, Correlation between the experience of occupational stress and the quality of a relationship from the point of view of women and men
    • Simonič, Barbara, Transition to motherhood, marial stability and divorce
    • Rijavec Klobučar, Nataša, Emotional changes after divorce in women
    • Semeniuk, Iryna, Women and Meritocracy in Education Discourse: Ukrainian Scenario
    • Stanonik, Miriam, Education and feminization of the teaching profession
    • Węgrzyn, Iwona, A maiden of nobility manor and nihilism : some remarks on the nineteenth century feminist movements in Poland
    • Jaksetič Dujc, Štefanija, Faces of women through historical reality and ecology of woman's nature awareness